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Get a cash offer now for your land!

“Ready? Get your Free cash offer today. The process is simple. Please submit your details below for step 1.

Request a Cash Offer for Your Land Today.

Have you tried to sell your land before?

We have spoken to many people who have been unsuccessful using a real estate agent to sell their land.  We know many awesome agents and have close realtor friends.  The truth is that unless you have a 6 or 7 figure piece of land, they may not see the value in putting in the time and the marketing budget to get your land sold.  Land deal commissions, many times do not compare to the commissions on home deals realtors are making, and hence the efforts reflect the results; land that does not sell!

Save Your Precious Time and Money and Request Your Cash Offer Today.

It doesn’t cost you anything to request an offer right now.

You are free to accept our offer or not.  We support and honor your decision always, but aren’t you wondering what we would pay for your land?  Let’s find out what your parcel is worth to us and get you paid as soon as possible!

1. Fill out the form below and tell us about your land on the following page.

2. Receive a cash offer in the mail from us. Sign the Purchase Agreement and email or mail it back to us.

3. We open escrow, do a title search and close when all due diligence is complete. You get paid by check, bank wire, etc

Thank You for the Opportunity to make a Cash Offer on your Land.

Are you in need of selling your land fast?  Do you have other bills piling up?  Late tax bills?  HOA dues?  Let’s make a win-win deal right away.  We will have a cash offer in the mail to you quickly. Once you receive your cash offer in the mail, accept it by signing the purchase agreement, email or mail it back to us, and we can get escrow opened with a reputable Title Company or Real Estate Attorney right away.  Why take the chance of wasting up to a year with a Realtor, and possibly never selling your land, or even receiving an offer?  With Win-Win United, LLC, there are no 5-10% commission fees, closing costs, title insurance costs, perc or survey costs, etc. etc. etc. We will even pay back taxes owed on the property!

“Ready? Get your Free cash offer today. The process is simple. Please submit your details below for step 1.

Or give us a call at: (530)-763-6793

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